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Colorful Connections
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Embracing the Pallet of our Differences
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A vitiligo social event

A five-city Vitiligo social event

June 1-23,2024

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The vitiligo community is vast and diverse, consisting of over 70 million individuals worldwide! This year, we're fostering communities that not only acknowledges but celebrates vitiligo.

The Colorful Connections Event will leave guests feeling empowered, connected, and part of a supportive community. We want attendees to walk away with a deeper understanding of skincare and body maintenance for those living with vitiligo, equipped with resources, treatment options, and insights into the mental health impacts of the condition.

Through heartfelt dialogue and shared experiences, our goal is to eliminate isolation, foster connections, and ignite a collective commitment to inclusivity and compassion. Join us as we strive to create a space where everyone feels seen, heard, and celebrated for their unique beauty.

Strength in Numbers

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What to Expect

01 Engage and Unite!

Join the vitiligo community to partake in a shared experience that celebrates our diverse beauty while fostering unity and empowerment.

02 Enlightening Discussions with panelist

Tune in to captivating sessions where esteemed community members share their compelling stories from Hollywood to parenthood, and other life adventures - be prepared for awe-inspiring narratives!

03 Embrace Self-Love and Mental Wellness

Participate in group activities designed to enhance your self-esteem, resilience, and mental health, emphasizing the vital connection between mental well-being and vitiligo.

04 Cutting-edge TREATMENTS & ongoing care strategies

Delve into treatment and care options with insights from a holistic practitioner and medical doctor, aiding in your decision-making process regarding treatment, maintenance, or embracing your distinct skin.


Take a piece of this movement home with exclusive custom gifts from leading brands in beauty, health, wellness, activewear, sun protection, and more!

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Keynote Speakers

Curtis Mac

Throughout his decade-long odyssey in the realm of modeling, Curtis graced the realms of esteemed hosts like MTV, CNN, and Vogue, among others. His presence illuminated the pages of Complex Magazine and the showcases of Target, weaving a tapestry of his essence into the fabric of these illustrious domains. Curtis, a celestial being of radiance, weaves his narrative of self-discovery, a tale of embracing the divine essence woven into his very being.

victoria marie

Victoria, a luminary of influence, a devotee of beauty, and a champion of self-adoration, illuminates her path with a mission to embrace uniqueness beyond the confines of society's gaze. Collaborating with revered names like bareMinerals, Ilia Beauty, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Maybelline, and others, she weaves magic through her platform, urging others to embrace their authentic selves.

lid’ya C. Rivera

As a distinguished NAACP Image Award Nominee, acclaimed Harper Collins author, devoted Vitiligo advocate, decorated Navy veteran, and award-winning filmmaker,Lid’ya has been extending her influence as an inspirational speaker and confidence coach. Through her impactful Vitiligo film "Beauty Marks," she demonstrates her commitment to raising awareness while gracing esteemed platforms and publications, showcasing her engaging narrative and empowering mission to celebrate individuality and inner beauty.

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Interested in being a panelist?

We still have a few remaining spots on our panel.

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Meet Our Founder

Briya Fitzgerald's journey starts in Batron Rouge, LA and embodies resilience, empowerment, and a commitment to fostering acceptance and self-love. As a former civil engineer, model, digital creator, interior designer, and entrepreneur, she seamlessly integrates her multifaceted talents with her advocacy for vitiligo awareness, suicide prevention, and sexual assault prevention. Briya's collaborative efforts with renowned brands like Nike, Savage x Fenty, and Revlon underscore her influence and leadership in the industry, positioning her as a beacon of inclusivity and empowerment.

Through heartfelt conversations like the one featured in the Self Magazine video "Living With Vitiligo: What It’s Like for 2 Generations," Briya exemplifies her dedication to making a meaningful impact. Her ability to connect with individuals like Vogue, offering support, encouragement, and a sense of community, reflects her genuine commitment to fostering positive change. Briya's journey is not only about embracing uniqueness but also about empowering others to embrace their own journeys with confidence and pride. With unwavering dedication and a passion for advocacy, Briya invites others to join her in creating a world where diversity is celebrated, and every individual feels seen, heard, and valued.

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Limited Seating



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General Admission


  • General admission queue.
  • Seating arrangements follow a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Delectable meal & refreshing beverages provided.
  • Attendees will be gifted complimentary bags from our sponsors.
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V I P Admission


  • Access to the exclusive VIP area with early event entry & VIP admission line.
  • Designated networking time with brand ambassadors/sponsors for meaningful connections.
  • Delectable meal & refreshing beverages provided.
  • Choose two elixirs from a unique selection of cocktails.
  • Exclusive gifts within personalized gift boxes provided by each sponsor.
  • Special photo opportunities.
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Colorful Connections
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Acid Graphic Elements Filled Complex Sparkle
Embracing the Pallet of our Differences
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